Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Cleaning Tips Social Media -Twiter


First of all, make sure you’ve covered the basics.
  • Complete or update your bio, highlighting the personal or business traits you want to emphasize.
  • Add your personal or company website to your bio.
  • Consider updating your photo, especially if it’s outdated.
  • If you’ve updated logos or colors, you should also consider changing your header photo and/or your theme to reflect your fresh look.

Secondly, take a look at your posts, especially the recent ones.
  • Are there any that are inappropriate for your professional account?
  • If you publish something on the Internet, it lives forever, but you can delete anything you don’t want to draw attention to. Flippant comments or poorly executed jokes can have long-lasting consequences.
Finally, take a look at both the people you follow and your followers.
  • People you follow whom you may want to delete: Those who post about things that don’t interest you, those who never post, or those who live-tweet events or shows you aren’t interested in. You can consider muting them so their tweets don’t show up in your timeline, or you can stop following them.
  • For followers, are they real? Spammers can add fake accounts to your list of followers. Find out who’s fake, then delete or block those accounts.
  • Consider creating Twitter lists to organize friends or industry contacts.
You may also want to take a closer look at your app permissions. See which apps or sites you have given permission to access your profile and remove any that are no longer useful or relevant.

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