Monday, December 30, 2013

What Should I Include On My Label

So we’ve looked at label types and chosen which would be best suited for your garment or product line.  Now you’re probably wondering what should actually be on the label.  Let’s consider some key points
There are elements that need to be included, and then there are some which you want to include if space allows.
Company Information
Prominently displayed on your label should be your company name and logo. This is an important element of branding and advertising your company.  If your customer remembers nothing else about the label, you want them to remember the company name and logo. This way they can recognize other items made by your company and buy those as well.  It would also be beneficial to include your company slogan or tagline for better brand recognition.
It’s also a great idea to include the company location (city, state). This is especially important to customers who like to buy locally. For this same reason, it would be fun to add an interesting fact about your company. Let people know what sets your business apart from the rest. Or tell them something that will help them “connect” with your company or product.
You also want to let them know how to contact you. They may need to contact you in case there is a problem with the product or to rave about how wonderful it is. Of course, they also need to know how to buy more.  So make sure to include your company’s website.  This is a key factor especially if your garment or product is only sold online.
Care instructions
At least one method of care should be included with your product. This allows the customer to get the most use of the item and extends its life and quality. The care instructions can be included on the clothing label or attached as a separate label. The care instructions can be listed in words or as universal symbols.
The care label can also include fiber content and fabric information, also were the garment or product is made, and the size. Alternatively, separate size labels can be purchased and attached to the garment.
Color and Style
The color of the garment label and thread or ink used for printing the label should be contrasting to one another yet complementary to your company’s logo.
The fabric of the label should also be chosen carefully as that enhances the overall design as well.  Some labels such as Rubber, PVC, or Hang Tags can be cut in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some woven fashion labels are more rectangular in shape and are folded and attached to the garment on each end or all around.  If you choose a centerfold, you can put the care instructions on the back which will allow more information or a bigger logo on the front.
If you have all of this ready but just aren’t quite sure how to place them on your label effectively, then you might want to seek professional assistance from a graphic designer.
So now you have this beautifully designed label with all the elements you need, and you want to know what company you should choose to produce this product for you. Let’s look at that nex

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