Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Information Printed On Labels


Each product has a basic purpose and the manner in which it is used varies. But when it comes to handling a product there are certain points the manufacturer would like a customer to follow. It is this information the manufacturer conveys through a label on the product.
1. Name: The name of the company producing a good is imprinted on the label.
2. Logo: A logo creates an instant identification of an organization due to which most companies have one in the first place. This logo is also displayed on the label.
3. Size: In case of garments, shoes and, in some cases, linen, the size of a particular product is mentioned. This helps a customer decide upon the one that best suits him.
4. Laundry information: This can prove to be a very extensive part of a product label. Many times, labels are especially made to pass on care information, and are called care labels. This particular label will have care information regarding the type of wash, temperature, ironing, drying, etc. to be kept in mind while using the product. It is mostly found on garments, linens, upholstery, drapes and also bags

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