Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Uses of garment labels


The labels are useful for passing on important information to buyers concerning the products. They tell buyers about the materials used to produce the garment and ways in which to take proper care of the garment.
‚¬ Labels are important for attracting the buyer's attention. Companies require labels to convey specific message to the buyers. This is why labels need to have aesthetic designs, colors, and slogans, be made of superior quality fabrics, and should reflect creativity.
The labels can be of many different types. While some labels are woven onto the apparels, others may be embroidered. Leather labels are long lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Sports and adventure garments typically have rubber labels which are durable and moisture-resistant.
 A garment label communicates with a buyer and conveys something that is capable of catching his attention. Today, a label has become a very effective advertising medium and is responsible for the sale of a product.

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