Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is required on a care label?


Content of all fabric (self, combo, lining), washing instructions, washing symbols, RN #, and where it’s manufactured.
• Content of all fabric (self, combo, lining): Your fabric vendor will be able to provide you the fabric content with the exact percentages. Name the content in order of usage so your self-fabric will go first, then combo, and, last, any linings.
• Washing instructions: You can also ask your fabric vendor if they have any recommendations on how to clean the fabric. If they say to machine wash cold and tumble dry low, test it. Always test it.
• Washing symbols: If you don’t happen to have the symbols for the care just let your label company know which ones you need and they should be able to provide it onto the artwork.
• RN #: Include the RN# so it’s clear to read. 
• Where it’s manufactured: Last but not least, you need to state in which country your garment was manufactured (cut and sewn). 

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