Friday, August 3, 2012

Hang Tags

Hang tags

To complement your woven clothing labels, Clothing Labels 4U is now offering matching Hang Tags! We offer any size that you need , we also can customize hang tags to any shape and size you need. Hang Tags are an affordable solution to promote your products. Hang Tags provide a professional branding image that your business deserves. See below for all the styles and types we are now offering.
Standard Hang Tags are printed on 14pt with a 1/8" drilled hold included. They are Smudge-Proof with a slight gloss finish on the front. We now offer the thicker card stock, just ask us !!
We Now offer RECYCLED PAPER HANG TAGS: any size and shape with strings and pins!!!
Our professionally printed hang tags are an economical brand recognition tool. Used in conjunction with our custom woven clothing labels, Hang Tags add value to your products by strongly identifying your brand on display.
We do offer recycled paper

Hang Tag Sizes

To complement your woven clothing labels, Clothing Labels 4U is now offering matching Hang Tag! For smaller Quanities like 250 or 500!
All sizes are now available with strings and pins :

Norwegian Cruise Line®

I have the boxes and the labels are perfect.
Thanks again for your great service.
Best regards,
Norwegian Cruise LIneNorwegian Cruise Line®

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Woven Clothing Labels - Types and What You Should Know


Woven Clothing Labels vs. Printed Labels

Clothing Labels have two primary categories. The first is printed clothing labels. While generally inexpensive they have several disadvantages that make them an ideal choice for only a handful of uses. The most basic complaint about a printed label is that they fade. Whether it’s through washing or as a result of skin oils reacting with the print, the fact is that a printed label does not stand up to standard wear. This reduces the branding aspect of the label completely. An illegible label does nothing for your business. The second choice is a woven label.

The Better Choice

Woven clothing labels are a better choice, but the choice to go woven brings about other decisions. There are four basic fabrics offered in woven labels: Damask, Semi-Damask, Taffeta, and Satin. Click on any of the fabric styles for a more complete description of each fabric type.
Our labels are manufactured using huge looms. Our factory uses broadlooms, needle looms, and even the double and single shuttle looms to make the best possible clothing labels.
The clothing labels when they come off of the looms are in a ribbon like form, and then they are then cut and sealed so the threads do not fray.
Then the clothing labels are folded if needed and sent to packaging.

The Two Reasons That You'll Want To Buy From Us

The Quality and the Price! They cannot be beat! Contact me for FREE samples!
Prices range from:
1000 Logo/Name Labels: Between $390.00 to $450.00 plus shipping.
500 Logo/Name Labels: Between $290.00 to $350.00 plus shipping.
woven label
Thank you very much, I am very pleased with the labels.
Thank you again for such a smooth process.
Lynne 8/12
woven label
They are here! They're perfect!
They really were easy to apply to my headbands as well! I have already put on 1500 of them!
woven labelThey look great! thanks
woven label
woven label
Yes, they look beautiful,
Thanks, Manny 8/12
woven labelI received the package.
Thank you so much
I will let people know where I ordered the tags from and I'm sure these 500 tags are going to go fast so I will keep in contact to get more.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

woven label
Thanks after a bit of work the labels came out perfect!
I'm really excited these labels are going to make my shirts looks perfect!
Barry 8/12

Quirky Skirts

thermal printedthermal printed
Labels arrived today and they are perfect! Thank you so much. I'll be back in touch soon with our next needs.
Sara 8/12

Create a Gift

thermal printedthermal printed
My labels did arrive and they look great! Thanks so much.~ Tricia 8/12
thermal printedthermal printed
They came in and are amazing as always.
Delta and Maddie 8/12
leather labelThey're great! Thanks! 8/12

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

We are proud to annouce that we are Sponsoring :

Sourcing BootCamp at Magic in Las Vegas !!!

Lisa Rosenberg will be there live to meet and assist you with your label needs!!
Mon, 08/20/2012 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm
The basics of supply-chain management in the apparel sourcing arena: retailer must-know information for successfully researching, finding and working with manufacturers both at home and abroad.
Frances Harder, President, FASHION BUSINESS INC.
Susan Power, Publisher, ABOUT SOURCES
Katherine Stein, Int'l Business Development/Softlines Sales Manager, SGS North America Consumer Testing Services, SGS INTL
Lisa Rosenberg will be there live to meet and assist you with your label needs!!
Fashion Labels promote your image like nothing else, and they stay with your products to be everlasting. They bring that high quality look to your products !
Our woven clothing FASHION LABELS are made to your specifications including logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric.