Thursday, February 27, 2014

hang tagshangtags
we have just received our tags and we are thrilled.
woven labelI got my tags in today and they look amazing!
woven labelI received the labels today. They are great (I expected nothing less from your great company). I know everything does not go perfect everytime, too many moving parts, but it how you make it right when it does go wrong. Thank you for your professional and considerate response. It really makes the difference. As you say, "A referral is the greatest compliment we can receive." And we will certainly compliment Clothing Labels 4U in that way
Wes 2/14
woven labelI got the labels today, and I just wanted to let you know that they are beautiful. I also wanted to tell you that I'm very impressed with your efficiency, timing, and overall professionalism. 
Sarah 2/14
woven labelI have recently decided to include labels on my products.  With this being new to me it was difficult for me to decide on size, colors and fonts.  Thank you for your professional advice with helping me make these decisions; it is what made this experience for me easy and successful.  I received my labels today and I love them.  
Kathy 2/14
My label samples arrived today.  I think they look great!!!
Thanks for all of your help!
woven labelThey look great and I would like to do paper tags in the near future. You were wonderful to work with - I appreciate your follow up and that I didn't have to remind or keep asking - the job went off without a hitch!
Stephanie 2/14
woven labelThe labels arrived.Thank you very much ~ they look great!!
Denise 2/14
woven labelThey arrived today and I'm very, very happy with them.......thank you all, this is a pivotal moment in my career....thank you for making it better.......
Louis 2/14woven label
woven labelMy order arrived on time and is perfect.  The labels were well stitched. Thanks
hang tagshangtags
they were great.  Thanks so much!!
Regina 2/14
woven labelThank you very much I received everything and will be doing business again...thanks
Phil 2/14
I received the size labels today. They are perfect!!!
Thank you! Sarah
size tab testimonials 2/14