Wednesday, April 10, 2013

woven labelI love my labels!  They are truly more beautiful than I expected :0)
Maria 4/13
cotton printedcotton printed
We received them. They're great!
Dean 4/13
 I really appreciate your and Lisa's commitment to customer satisfaction!
Yes, the labels have arrived and they are perfect.  Thank you very much!

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Jenna 4/13
woven labelI received my order last week, and everything looks fantastic - thanks so much!

Katharine 4/13
woven label
I received my Skirt the Issue labels and absolutely LOVE them!
Karen 4/13
woven labelThe labels arrived...they are just what we had hoped for! Thanks for your help!
Terri 4/13
woven label
They look great! We are very happy with the labels.
Thank you!

Lauren 4/13
woven labelhang taghangtags
I am very pleased with the quality of my order. Everything turned out awesome and as planned.
Chad 4/13
woven labelThe labels are perfect. Please hang onto the format because I will sometime in the future be ordering more.
woven labelYes, I did receive my labels, and I was very pleased with them and with the full experience of ordering from you.
Rebecka 4/13

Yes! I was very happy with my order and the customer service I received. I decided to make a change late in the process and everything went great!!
Brandee 4/13woven label
I am satisfied. They arrived at the perfect time & they are exactly what I ordered.

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