Saturday, January 19, 2013

woven labeleverything looks perfect, i haven't counted the tags, to make sure there is exactly 500 of tag 1, and 150 of tag 2. But I have recieved everything, and they look perfect. thank you. dylan 1/13
woven labelThanks for your email. Yes I received the tags - I am very happy, thank you. I'll be back to order from you all again.
Take care,
Lindsey 1/13
cotton printedcotton printed
I appreciate you checking in. They look beautiful! Thank you!
Dawn 1/13
woven labelYes we got the them, an as always they look great. Thanks for checking to make sure.
 Yes we got the them, an as always they look great.  Thanks for checking to make sure.
woven labelThe second part of the shipment was received today, and all looks great! Thank you..! you really went above and beyond on this. I don't know what to say - I was only expecting 200-250 pcs, and was pleasantly surprised to see one box for 200 and one for 300. You've handled this exemplarily, and can expect us to be returning customers for our future label needs. Please note this order has been completed and is closed. We are very happy with our labels and the excellent customer service you have provided along the way. Thank you once again, you've exceeded all expectations and established a very strong relationship.
Kind regards,
Andrés 1/13
woven labelThe labels look great! Thanks!
Kim 1/13
woven labelLisa order arrived today. Everything looks great. Thank you for a job well done. Talk to you soon for the next order.
Bryan 1/13
woven labelLove them as always, thank-you so much!!
woven labelClothingLabels4U's service was first-rate, delivery was blazingly fast, and my labels are Gorgeous!
Ann 1/13