Thursday, May 23, 2013

We now have Tear Away labels. When you sew these labels in they form a perforation that is easy to tear away. If you would like samples please go to
Photo: They look great!

~PeterThey look great!

Photo: My labels arrived and look great!

~ClaireMy labels arrived and look great!

woven labelGot the tags, they look incredible! We'll be in touch shortly for the next order!
Chris 5/13
My labels are beautiful!  It iswoven label so similar to my grandmothers original its stunning.  Thank you so much!
Katie 5/13
woven labelYes they are great!!! Thank Lisa again for me!
Maureen 5/13
woven labelThe labels we bought are great, we're very happy with them.
Mother Myrophora 5/13