Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Woven Damask Labels Iron On

Woven Patch
Lisa I got the labels and the look wonderful!!
I can't wait to start ironing! ( did I really just say that? )
Thanks so much for a great job! 4/15

Woven Damask Labels-Center Folded

Craft labels
We received them – they look great.
Thank you! 4/15

Woven Damask Labels-End Folded

Custom Knitting Labels
I want to take this time out to thank you so much!!!
The delivery came and I have the labels which are 
spectacular! Thank you for all the additional items, and
extral labels, the gesture is greatly appreciated :-).
Now I will spend my morning putting together the first set of garments and 
testing the marketing power. 4/15

Monday, April 20, 2015

Made in USA Labels

Made in USA Labels

woven label woven label

Woven Labels that are made in the USA!!! 

Be careful when they say that are supplying you with labels that are made here in the USA.
I say this because, in reality, there are very few label manufacturers that actually make lables here in the US.  Many will tell you some are done here and some are done there (outside of the US).  Most...are done there!
At Clothing Labels 4 U, we offer the option of getting your woven labels done here in the US.
Keep in mind that
  • the minimums are higher
  • they are more expensive
  • they take about 4-8 weeks for production
Feel free to contact us if you are interested

Remember to be careful when shopping out there for labels as not all labels nor label companies are created equal...