Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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Rhinestone clothing labels

What is required on a care label?


Content of all fabric (self, combo, lining), washing instructions, washing symbols, RN #, and where it’s manufactured.
• Content of all fabric (self, combo, lining): Your fabric vendor will be able to provide you the fabric content with the exact percentages. Name the content in order of usage so your self-fabric will go first, then combo, and, last, any linings.
• Washing instructions: You can also ask your fabric vendor if they have any recommendations on how to clean the fabric. If they say to machine wash cold and tumble dry low, test it. Always test it.
• Washing symbols: If you don’t happen to have the symbols for the care just let your label company know which ones you need and they should be able to provide it onto the artwork.
• RN #: Include the RN# so it’s clear to read. 
• Where it’s manufactured: Last but not least, you need to state in which country your garment was manufactured (cut and sewn). 

What is a RN# ?


A RN number is a Registration Number. It’s required by law to be placed on your care labels. It’s there so your customers can identify you if something happens. (Worst case scenario is they have an allergic reaction to the fabric and want to sue you; best case scenario is a button falls off and your customer wants to contact you for a replacement.) A lot of new designers have absolutely no idea that this is needed, so don’t freak out if you don’t have one and have already been selling! Hopefully you included your company name on the care label, so there would be some sort of way to identify you. If you glance at the care label on the shirt or garment you happen to be wearing at the moment, you will notice a tiny RN # somewhere on there.
It’s easy to apply for. (Helpful hint: you would be considered a manufacturer). Did I mention it’s free?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Apparel Labels


Clothing Labels and Hang Tags

apparel labels

All finished garments need labels and hang tags. In some cases these small units can do as much to sell a garment as the item itself. The apparel label is the finishing touch to your garment and our labels are a great way to reinforce your brand. We will include all of the necessary apparel information on the label, according to your specifications. We at Clothing Labels 4u.com have over 10 years of experience and can make the proper recommendaton to make sure all of the necessary information is on your apparel label.  This includes your branding information such as a picture or motto, so that your company is represented properly.
When considering printed or woven apparel labels, it is important to know which will work best for your needs. Wovenapparel labels tend to be more durable than the printed labels. My experience is that printed labels tend to fade after washings, so I believe that woven apparel labels are the best way to go.
Beware of companies that offer cheap, low quality apparel labels.  These labels could make your custom items look like they are low quality. Our custom clothing labels are great quality yet they are still inexpensive, and we offer our woven apparel labels in low minimum quantities. 
Free Samples are always available for immediate shipment.

The Process


Here is how it works:
  1. Your Information gets sent to the factory where they convert the graphic into the software that is used to make the labels.
  2. You are then sent the graphic for approval. if you need or make changes after this point, you will be subject to a $25.00 change fee.
  3. Once you approve the graphic and want to proceed then payment is due in full at that time.
  4. The factory does a sewout sample of your label and I send you a picture of it for final approval. If for some reason you need to see it in your hand that is fine but that will take about a week or so more for me to get the label to you.
    There is not an extra FEE for this !
  5. After I get your final approval then we go into production and it takes about 2-3 weeks or so from that point !! We do offer a rush service.

How To Order Clothing Labels


Ordering Custom Made Woven Clothing Labels is an easy thing to do. If you have all your information, just send it over. We can also help you determine your needs by phone or email. When emailing, please include your full name.


  • When you email me please include your full name !
    The specs that I need in order to get you a quote:
    Your file a JPG or PDF if you have not already sent this to me.
    (JPG file needs to be bigger not to size, so I can see the details)

    Label type : Woven or Paper Hang tag

    Woven Label  Info :
    Flat or straight, center folded or end folded
    Size in inches Length ? x width ?
    Folds-   end folds are  (1/4 add folded under)
    if center folded ,need the what size when folded
    SA- seam allowance - blank space or space for attaching
    How much extra space you need for attaching or sewing your label on?
    - how much and where?
    - if included in size I still need to know how much and where?
    Colors:Click here

    How many? ( min is 150)
    Extras?  Rhinestones - Metallic or Shiny threads

    Paper Hang tag info:
    SSize in inches Length ? x width ?
    One sided or two,  if two sided what on the back if no file is given
    I need to know if the back is  just white or another color?
    How thick of stock: Standard Stock, Medium or thicker board stock?
    Matte or Glossy
    Corners: squared or rounded ?
    Strings and or pins?
    Colors:Click here
    How many? ( min is 250
    Extras?  Foil -  Raised - Grommets, Folds

    design graphic in .JPG or PDF format not to size but bigger please. (If you do not have a graphic available, our affiliates can help you with label and hang tag.
    If you do need graphic design, I have a  few people that  I highly recommend  and they  do excellent work:
They all have very reasonable prices.
  • Size - Length x Width in inches plus and seam allowance you need for attaching , how much and where please.
  • Colors - PMS #'s or Pantone #'s, we do not promise exact matching, we will get as close as we can. Clck here forColor Chart.
  • Type of label you need (see pics along right side)
    • Flat or Folded
    • Folds
    • Center
    • End
    • Mitre
      Label folds
  • Our Self Adhesives can come on a roll form not as good as in a box
  • Die Cut are for Woven Patches and Embroidered Patches! Die cut means the shape of the label other than square of rectangle
  • Seam Allowance 1/8 is average
    • For serged in labels allowance should be larger approx 1/4

Custom Clothing Labels & Clothes Tags


Customized Cloth Label

We make custom clothing labels, customized iron on's & personalized cloth tags with low minimums