Friday, November 29, 2013

Thank you so much for following up on the labels I ordered. I have received them. I appreciate your timely turn around. I will definately order again. Take Care
size tab testimonial 11/13
leather labelI love them thanks for your servicing us
woven labelThey are perfect.
Dave 11/13
woven labelgot order. everything looks great! Thanks !
woven labelI have received the Labels and I am pleased with them.
Jude 11/13
woven labelThe labels came this afternoon and they look great! Thanks so much!!!
Molly 11/13
woven labelThe labels are perfect, beautiful & amazing! Thank you so much! I even had a compliment from a high end retailer in New York...I sent him my product & he wanted to know how I got such a high quality label was a huge compliment based on this guys exposure & time in the fashion industry.
Elizabeth 11/13
woven labelThe labels are fabulous. They are very detailed and exactly what I had in mind. The quality is high-end. I really appreciate all of your help. After working with the most difficult designer it was a breath of fresh air to arrange the production of my labels with you. You made the process extremely simple as it should be.
Trina 11/13
woven labelYes, I received the labels and they were great as usual. Thanks.
Julie 11/13
woven labelEverything arrived on time and we are 100% Pleased with the Labels and Service! Thanks!
James 11/13
woven labelGot em, theyre awesome, thanks!
woven labelWe received the replacement labels today.  I am not sure what you did,  but those are hands down the best labels we've received  yet!  Very excited :)    Thanks!
Nicole 11/13
woven labelGot'm, love'm thank you.
woven labelThe labels arrived and look good.. thanks!
woven labelEverything came through fine! Thanks for following up.
Pete 11/13
woven labelThey were perfect.  Thank you
woven labelEverything appears perfect.  Thank you.
woven labelIt really is the cutest label ever! I know it's mine, but I love seeing it!!! Robin 11/13
thermal printedthermal printed
Yes! Thank you very much
woven labelLove them! As always, great job!!!
woven labelWe received the labels, thanks!
James 11/13
woven labelThe labels arrived safe and sound and we are very pleased with the order.  We will definitely keep ordering more.
Thank you very much,
Gloria 11/13