Tuesday, February 12, 2013

hang tagwoven labellabels and hangtags
I received my Vajayjay Hat labels and tags. They look great, thanks!
Amy 2/13
woven labelLabels have arrived. All is perfect. Thank you for the few extras :-)
till I run out again.
YM 2/13
woven labelYes! Very happy and pleased with my order. Thanks for working with me and for the quick shipping.
Leslie 2/13
satin printed2-sided satin printed
Thanks for checking in Dawn. The labels you’ve supplied look great and we’ve begun using them in our production process.
Grant 2/13
woven labelYes they arrived very quickly from the time we had ordered.  Thank you.
 Kyle 2/13
woven labelYes, they arrived and are perfect. Thank you!
thermal printedthermal printed
Yes, I did get them! I will be ordering more this week coming up.
woven labelI received the labels today.  Perfect! Thanks for your help.
Gayla 2/13