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Iron on and transfer Info: Iron-On application Instructions for Tagless Transfers Labels

Prepping your Shirt: Make sure the material is clean, dry and experienced any possible shrinking. All items need to be washed and dried with no fabric softner or dryer sheets.
Ironing Surface: best results are accomplished by using a thin dish towel laid on a smooth, flat, and firm surface such as a kitchen table. Standard ironing boards are padded which reduces your ability to get a firm ironing.
Lay Out your shirt: Lay your shirt down and smooth-out any wrinkles in the shirt or towel.
Ironing on the transfers: pre-heat the iron at the cotton/wool setting (325-350 degrees) for three minutes. NEVER USE ANY STEAM. Run the heated iron for 50 seconds in a slow, smooth circular motion over the entire label, applying firm pressure. Do not use any fabric between the iron and the transfer. If you should accidentally get any transfer on your iron, allow the iron to cool and then remove the transfer from the iron.
Testing your finished transfers: Lift side of label to make sure it is adhering to the fabric. If not continue ironing. If the paper lifts smoothly remove paper quickly white transfer is still hot/warm.
Proper transfer adhesion: A properly adhered transfer will stick to shirt with smooth edges that are not lifting up at all. Even the slightest lifting on an edge can result in the transfer getting damaged more and more over time.
Washing your shirt: To ensure that your transfer will last we recommend that when washing or drying your shirt, use a gentle cycle and medium heat in the dryer.
** There are suggested general application instructions. Directions my vary depending on iron, fabric and surface**

Iron on Labels, Clothing Tags and Name Tapes

If your brand needs clothing iron on name tapes, iron on name patches or iron on tags we can customize our selection or heat transfer labels for you. Iron on camp clothing labels are very popular today. Many of our customers are purchasing kids name labels and children’s name tags so their young campers can iron in to their clothing their own name and the name of their camp. Iron on name tapes, labels and tags are a great choice for younger children because the tags do not tear off, get caught on anything or get itchy! Personalized iron on label patches are great for campers, groups and band members or fans.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fabric Types We Offer

We offer labels in various fabric choices: damasksemi-damasksatin, and taffeta. Also, please consider yourfinishing styles.
  • Damask - This is a high density material label. Ours is 80 den
    If you would like a good finish, smoothness, and quality use this type of label.
  • Semi-Damask - This is a quality label.
  • Satin - This label has a shiny finish.
  • Taffeta - This label has a more of a flat finish.

Mission Statement

Clothing Labels concentrates on pursuing excellence in all areas of our operation; SERVICE, QUALITY, DELIVERY and of course, VALUE. We know that meeting our client's high standards, is why we continue to grow within our industry.
SERVICE: We take customer service very seriously to look after your needs, from order entry, along every step of production to shipment of your product. Lisa will personally help you with all your needs. Just call and ask for Lisa
QUALITY: From start to finish , a very important aspect is quality. When dealing with clients there is no room for error, thus, quality control is a high priority. We promise to make every client, a happy client. 
DELIVERY: Our delivery time is one of the quickest in the industry and we continue to improve upon this.
VALUE: Last but not least, is the price or value for your dollar , Is it really worth it ? We encourage you to compare companies and shop around. We give our Clients the best possible price.

Shopping Terms

By using the Website, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. Bloomers, Inc., the owner of this website, reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time. We reserve the right to reject any order. All orders must be paid in full after you are emailed the graphic lay out of your label. If you have questions email me.
Artwork file policies **
All files are kept by us for use only on your projects.
We never allow or sell artwork for use by any other company or person.EVER
We do not sell or give any of your information to any other person or comapny EVER.
We always ask permission to use any files or pics on the Web Site, Facebook , Twitter or our Blog and only post when permission had been granted to us............
All items are custom made to order....

Thermal Printed Synthetic

Custom Printed labels
Thermal Printed Synthetic
I have received my labels, and they look great!!! 
I am pleased with your services.
I may get back with you for more labels when we get there. 
I thank you for your time and patience.
Thanks, Anuj 1/15

Custom Adhesive Clothing Labels

Adhesive clothing labels and tags are great because they are cheap, safe and easy to apply to your clothing which makes it great for school children and kids at camp. Just like all of our other labels the adhesive clothing labels come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. You may have the labels personalized and customized any way you wish. Many find that the best labels for the money are adhesive labels and/ or iron on adhesive labels due to their high quality and ease of application. Best of all, custom adhesive clothing labels are cheap. The best adhesive labels can be found here at clothing labels 4 u. For iron on and adhesive instruction please review our iron on adhesive instructional page.