Tuesday, April 22, 2014

woven labelAll is good thank you
woven labels
thermal printed
everything looks good
Paul 4/14
satin printed labels
hang taghangtags
I did receive the hang tags and I am very pleased with your work, thanks
satin printed flatsatin printed labels
They turned out great.. Thanks!
woven labelMy order was great -- thanks so much for the amazing service!!
Carolina 4/14
Custom Woven Labels
woven labelWe received them and they are fine
Sarah 4/14
woven labelall looks good
woven labeldie cut woven labels
i just wanna let you know that i love the way they came out! I will definitely be ordering some more from you when these run out!
woven labelwe received our labels and they were great.
woven labelTags arrived on time and looks awesome!!! Definitely looking forward to more business with you folks! Keep up the great customer service you folks have running!! Will be on the lookout for more customers for you folks
Eric 4/14
woven labelThe labels are amazing and appreciate your quality product. I think about you guys each time I put one on a garment. Maurice 4/14
woven labelI got them, and they're perfect.
woven labelthey did arrive and are exactly what I need, great job!
Dr Mark 4/14
woven labelhey have arrived and are exactly what I expected.
Debbi 4/14
woven labelI received the labels and they are perfect.  Thanks so much.
Brenda 4/14
woven labelWe received the labels.  Thank you very much, they were exactly what we wanted.
Paulette 4/14
woven labelI receiced my labels today I am quite pleased with them.thanks
Avis 4/14
woven label03/14
woven labeleverything was good thanks a lot 
Alex @EliteHustlers 3/14
woven labelI'm very pleased with the labels
Sondra 3/14
woven labelmy order was perfect
woven labelwoven labelWe have received the tags and are very happy with them! You guys really worked hard getting everything perfect with our tags and we are very pleased with the end result!
woven labelThey were great. Thanks for all your help.
woven labelThey are beautiful and I luv them. 
Thank U
woven labelMy labels were received and look perfect Linda 3/14
woven labelI received the labels fine and I love them! Thank you!
Jennifer 3/14
rubber labels
Everything is good. Thank you.
Russell 3/14
thermal printed
thermal printed labels
All good
Chuck 3/14
thermal printedthermal printed labels
The labels are perfect! Thank you!
Julie 3/14
hang taghangtag
I just received the hang tags and they are Gorgeous!!!! Thank you for such nice job!
satin printed on black
satin printedWe received the labels and they are brilliant Lisa! Thank you!
tpuTPU labels
The labels worked very well for my hair products especially the inside of my bangs.
woven labelA huge thank you goes out to Fairfield Processing in Danbury who donates the polyfill for this project as well as ClothingLabels4U.com who donated the tags.

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