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Custom labels styles
Once the custom name, logo or text style and fabric choice are considered, you will need to decide on several finishing touches and choose the style that allows the most versatility for the future.
  • The folded style eliminates the issue of having a raw back showing and allows room for care instructions. They come in two variations: a side folding label or a bottom folding label.
  • A common way to attach a label is to order an end fold label that you tack down on the ends. However, this method is not flexible enough for most small-scale sewers and lacks the professional touch.
  • You can ensure maximum flexibility by ordering labels that are finished on all sides with enough seam allowanceto be used in a variety of ways.
Whatever choice you make with the finishing touches, be sure that you allow for seam allowance in the size that you order. Clothing Labels 4U can guide you through these choices. 

Woven Clothing Labels vs. Printed Labels
woven labels  .thermal printed satin labels
Clothing labels have two primary categories. The first is printed clothing labels. While generally inexpensive they have several disadvantages that make them an ideal choice for only a handful of uses. The most basic complaint about a printed label is that they fade. Whether it’s through washing or as a result of skin oils reacting with the print, the fact is that a printed label does not stand up to standard wear. This reduces the branding aspect of the label completely. An illegible label does nothing for your business. The second choice is a woven label.

Cotton Woven Labels

Cotton labels
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What Are Hem Tags?

Hem tags are those little tags you see placed on the outside of a clothing item: on the rim of the neck, bottom hem, on the side  or on the sleeve. Sticking out or wrapping around the edge, these little tags make the item look pretty cool. They get lots of attention which in turn helps you reinforce your brand.

What Materials Are Hem Tags Made Off?

Your Hem Tags can be made as printed or woven tags, woven being the most common one.

What Size Should My Hem Tag Be?

They can be made in any size however, the most common live size(*) of a hem tags is about 1″ x 1″, which makes the total size of the label 1″ x 2″, if it is made as a center fold label.

What Should I Include in my tag?

It is really up to you. Usually a bold logo and in some instances you could include your website’s URL. Remember that these tags are usually very small (up to 1″ wide) and that leaves little room for too many details.
You could have your logo on both sides, or your logo on one side and some text in the back, just let us know what you need and we will help you design it.

 Where Can I place My Hem Tag?

You can add your tag to any item, in any place you choose: around the neck, on the sleeve, on the front pocket, on the bottom hem, or on a side hem. 

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are often thought of as embellishments to shirts, coats, vests, tote bags and other fabric items. They're useful for decorative purposes, to denote membership in groups, to highlight achievements, or as a part of a uniform.
Businesses use patches to present their logos to the public, and to boost branding in a simple yet effective manner.

Embroidered patches are ideal giveaways for marketing events or fundraisers. They're the ideal place to put your logo, statement or a simple message that relates to the day. Strike the right balance of appropriate and amusing, and you'll have a hit product on your hands! 

Woven Damask Labels-Hem Labels

Hem Labels
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