Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hats by rita San Antonio

Thank you Rita for sending us pics of your hats.  They are adorable!!!

Moss and Mountain

Thank you Natalie for sending us a picture of your label!  They look great!!

Diane Lemire

Got my name tag.   Everything is good....Thank you

Bonnie Youngs

They arrived last week.  I was so excited to get them, I placed them on the items I needed and sent the gifts off.  I really like the labels and it made me feel like my hand made items had a finished touch.  I can't wait until  the recipients receive the items.   I can't speak more highly of your company and products!  Thank you again!
I think you have a great company!  I hope all your employees are as customer friendly as you are.  It was your personal touch that affected me.   It doesn't seem like that's a priority with many companies nowadays.