Tuesday, July 23, 2013

tightclub woven labelThanks again for such prompt and professional service.
The labels are of superb quality, with graphics sharply defined and precise.
This service is perfect for our limited edition specialty collections.
Jean 7/13
woven labelThanks for doing a fantastic job on all of our orders.
Amy 7/13
hang taghang tag
I received them and they look good.  Thanks
woven labelI have received the tags. Love them. Will do more business.
woven labelI am so please with the labels. I wasn't sure if you would be able to get the tiny print so clear with a woven label, but they are perfect. My assistant has been dealing with this primarily, so I just wanted to let you know myself, that I am very pleased.
Marian 7/13
woven labelThe tags arrived.  The order was filled as expected.
Susan 7/13
woven labelEverything is fine. The colors work just perfect
woven labelI received them and everything looks great! Thanks for the follow up!
Kristine 7/13
cotton printedcotton printed
Everything is great.  
woven labelThe labels just arrived. I loooooooooooooove them, they are so beautiful, elegant and classy. They look just like I imagined. Thank you so much.
woven labelJust to tell you that the labels finally arrived and they look great!!! Thank you for making my company one step further into a reality.
Gustavo 7/13
woven label got the labels today... Iam happy with them.
Emilie 7/13