Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments!

  • 1 single serving package instant hot chocolate mix in the flavor of your choice... all of the varieties I used are pre-made from various brands. Here you can get Swiss Miss Brand
  • 1 clear plastic fillable ornament. I suggest finding ones that are food safe.
  • sprinkles
  • chocolate chips (or white chocolate chips, peppermint chips
  • Jet Puffed Mallow Bits
  • tag or note on how to make the hot chocolate (mix with 8 oz. hot water)
  • mugs are optional (here is a cute & simple Christmas tree mug
  • candy cane &/or chocolate spoonsare also optional

  1. Start with a clean ornament and take the top off. Fill each ingredient into the ornament using a funnel. Start with the hot cocoa mix, sprinkles, chocolates and lastly the mallow bits. Put top back on. You will need to deliver these standing upright or wrap the top with plastic wrap to keep contents inside. It's ready to go. Just gift it alone or with the other items recommended! Easy and fun!

Woven Damask, Seam Allowance on 1 side
Clothing Brands
Everything was perfect,
Thank you. 12/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded

Clothing labels
Lisa, thank you for taking care of what we needed, the tags look great and you did an even better job taking care of that.
Absolutely outstanding service and will be sure to contact you again. Thank you so much!
Lisa you ROCK! 12/15

Woven Damask, Flat
custom clothing labels with low minimums
I did receive my labels and 
everything turned out great!!! 12/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded Hem tags
Woven hem tags
They're great! 12/15

Custom Hang Tags
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Clothing Labels 4 U.  Lisa is the epitome of professionalism and is an incredible point of contact. She always responded promptly and with great expertise to  every question and request I had. The whole process moved much quicker and smoother than I had anticipated, and I never felt as if I was out of the loop or left waiting for a response. Our tags were delivered quickly and look amazing! They are exactly how we wanted them. As a very satisfied and pleased customer, I will definitely be ordering my next batch of tags from Clothing Labels 4 U very soon! Thank you to Lisa and everyone at Clothing Labels 4 U for not only providing excellent goods and services but also treating your customers with the utmost respect and dignity. I truly appreciate you guys and look forward to placing my next order!  12/15

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Woven Damask, Centerfolded
Designer clothing labels
Lisa I got my tags the other day!
They look great.
Thank you for being patient
with me through the process. 12/15

Woven Damask, End Folded
woven fashion labels
I received my labels and am very pleased! 12/15

Woven Damask, Flat
Woven Labels
Everything arrived just fine...and as ordered. AND, thanks much for all the goodies!! Using them all already! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! 12/15

Woven Damask, Centerfolded
Make your own clothing labels
I thank you for working so hard with me
 in the end you made the tags just the way I wanted them to look
I can reach in and pull anyone of them
there all perfect thanks again we will be back for more  12/15