Wednesday, June 19, 2013

woven labelsThanks so much everything is perfect!
thermal printedthermal printed
Got them and they're great..hope to order patches soon!
thermal printedthermal printed
They are great.  Thank you.  I'll definitely be in touch when we need more printed.
Cameron 6/13
woven labelThank you. They did arrive and look great!
Sarah 6/13
woven labelThank you for the follow up, everything looks great and I plan to order more from you guys!
Gerald 6/13
woven labelEverything came through fine. Thanks for the follow up.
hang taghangtag
 The labels did arrive and they were perfect.  Thanks for the great work and quick turn around.
hang taghangtag
Yes I picked up my labels and I am pleased
Lisandra 6/13
woven labelThe labels did arrive and I am very pleased with them.
Anita 6/13
woven labelI received everything today !! And it looks great !
Sue 6/13
woven labelGot the labels. They look amazing. Thank you for a wonderful job.
Bryce 6/13