Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Printed Labels

Printed labels are a great choice when you want a label with an intricate design.  You can achieve great detail with printed labels and you have greater freedom with the information that you can include on them. Consider the fabric of your garment when choosing which type of printed label will work for you. 
We now offer those new clear labels (TPU)!!!
Printed labels are extremely cost effective and can be a great alternative woven clothing labels when budget is an issue.  However, printed labels do not tend to stand up to numerous washings as well as woven labels.
Take into account the manner in which your garment will be used when attaching your printed label to the item. The label needs to be placed in an area with low exposure and low friction to maximize the life of the label. Printed labels are typically used for fast fashion.
Printed Labels

Cotton Printed Labels White

Cotton Printed Labels
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Woven Damask Labels

Fashion Labels
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Woven Damask Labels,Flat

Advertising labels
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Woven Damask Labels, Seam allowance on top

Fashion Labels
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